Course Overview


> 88: 1, >76: 2, >64 : 3, >50: 4, ≤50: 5

50% written test (computer, online) - must be passed
25% programming project
25% in-class programming assignments

Programming Assignments

Links to all programming assignments are posted via the designated discord channel


Interactive Learning Platforms

The best way to learn programming is to write code. Have fun!

Programming Project


Project Grading Criteria

The project has to be done with git (any public git hosting is ok). The repository URL has to be shared w/ the teacher. The teacher must be granted read access (in case of non-public closed source projects).

50% properly working software
20% autotests (proper coverage of everything that is not GUI code)
10% README.md (project description; compile instructions; user manual with images)
10% consistent coding style
5% wireframe
5% proper license in repository

Content of the Curriculum (1st Term)

Curriculum in the Legal Information System (see attachment 1/9 B.1 according to subject table I.2)