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Object oriented programming with C++

GUI Programming

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Revision / Introductory Exercises


Object oriented programming (OOP) with C++

Programming Project

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Interactive Learning Platforms

The best way to learn programming is to write code. Have fun!


> 87.5: 1, >75: 2, >62.5 : 3, >50: 4, ≤50: 5
50% written test (computer, online) - must be passed
50% programming assignments
participation contributions are rewarded with a "+"
for students with a positive grade, each "+" improves the average term grade by 0.1 (10 + improve one full grade)

To avoid plagiarism and prevent cheating, all grades (including tests and assignments) require a short oral defense to be valid.

Late assignment policy: the points for each assignment filed after its due date are multiplied by 0.8 for each started week after the due date.
For example: a student files an assigment one day late and would receive 97 points if filed before the due date. The student gets 97 * 0.8 = 77.6 points instead. Another student files an assignment with 100 points 16 days after the due date. 16 days means the third week after the due date has started. Hence the student is awarded 100 * 0.8 * 0.8 * 0.8 = 51.2 points.