FSST Module 3

This module is for students taking the third term of the electronics and computer engineering Kolleg. It is likewise for night school students during their fifth term.

Course Overview

Web Programming Basics

We'll work through (parts of) these excellent web tutorials on freeCodeCamp:

Start by setting up a mini development environment. We can either stick to replit or use a local installation to speed up development on our own machine. When going for the latter approach, I suggest using VSCodium as our editor. Consult Introduction to VSCodium to get started with this editor.

For study purposes, please also consult Getting started with the Web, a tutorial by mdn, probably the best resource on web development.

Web Programming Examples

Programming Exercises

Prior Exams

Interactive Learning Platforms

The best way to learn programming is to write code. Have fun!

Content of the Curriculum (3rd module)